• New Arrivals 14/5/2022

    Canon EF 400mm F/2.8 L IS II USM Lens *EX+*
    Leica Elmar-M 24mm F/3.8 ASPH. E46 Lens Black 11648 *MINT- in Box*
    Leica Elmar-M 24mm F/3.8 ASPH. E46 Lens Black 11648 *MINT- in Box*
    Leica Elmarit-R 24mm F/2.8 E60 ROM Lens Late *MINT*
  • New Arrivals 9/5/2022

    Leica APO-Summicron-R 90mm F/2.8 ASPH. E60 ROM Lens *MINT*
    Leica TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Silver 18188 *Touchscreen Not Working*
    Leica APO-Elmarit-R 180mm F/2.8 E67 Lens 11273 *MINT- in Box*
    Leica R6 Film SLR Camera Silver 10071 *EX+ in Box*
  • New Arrivals 30/4/2022

    Canon FD 55mm F/1.2 S.S.C. Aspherical Lens *EX*
    Leica Summicron-R 35mm F/2 ROM E55 Lens Germany *EX+ in Box*
    Leica Elmarit-R 28mm F/2.8 E48 Lens R-Only Late #357 *MINT in Box*
    Leica APO-Summicron-M 50mm F/2 ASPH. Lens Silver 11142 *MINT- in Box*
  • New Arrivals 28/4/2022

    Hasselblad CFE Tele-Superachromat 350mm F/5.6 T* Lens *MINT-*
    Leica R6.2 Camera Singapore 30 Years Gold Edition w/Summilux 50mm F/1.4 Lens *MINT in Box*
    Contax Vario-Sonnar 40-80mm F/3.5 AEG T* Lens Germany
    Contax Planar 135mm F/2 AEG T* Lens Germany
  • New Arrivals 26/4/2022

    Nikon CF-1 Leather Ever-Ready Camera Case for F2 Camera *EX+*
    Kyocera Yashica T4 Zoom P&S Film Camera w/28-70mm T* Lens *READ*
    Voigtlander Nokton 35mm F/1.2 Aspherical II Lens Leica M Mount
    Leica Thumb Rest Support Black 24014 for M10 M10R M11 Cameras *MINT- in Box*
  • New Arrivals 15/4/2022

    Hasselblad C Distagon 50mm F/4 Lens Silver
    Fujifilm GA645Zi Medium Format Film Camera w/Fujinon 55-90mm Lens
    Contax Distagon 28mm F/2.8 T* Lens MMJ
    Leica Leitz Summarit 5cm 50mm F/1.5 Lens M-Mount
  • New Arrivals 11/4/2022

    Contax Vario-Sonnar 70-210mm F/3.5 AEG Lens Germany *EX+*
    Contax G1 Green Label Camera w/GD-1 Data Back + Biogon 28mm F/2.8 Lens
    Konica Hexar RF Limited Rangefinder Camera Leica M Mount *MINT-*
    Hasselblad FE Tele-Tessar 250mm F/4 T* Lens *EX+*
  • New Arrivals 24/3/2022

    Leica Elmarit-R 19mm F/2.8 ROM Lens Ver.2 *EX+*
    Leica Summarit-M 35mm F/2.4 E46 ASPH. Lens 6Bit Silver 11679 *MINT- in Box*
    Leica Summicron-M 90mm F/2 E55 Lens Pre-ASPH. Silver/Chrome *EX+ in Box*
    Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 50mm F/2 Lens Leica M-Mount + LH-13 Hood *EX+ in Box*
  • New Arrivals 24/3/2022

    Contax Distagon 15mm F/3.5 T* AEG Lens Germany *MINT in Box*
    Leica Summicron M 35mm F/2 E39 Lens Ver.1 Germany
    Hasselblad 903SWC Medium Format Camera Black w/CF 38mm F/4.5 T* Lens *EX+*
    Hasselblad A12 6X6 Film Back Silver Late Version w/Dark Slide Holder *MINT-*
  • New Arrivals 10/2/2022

    Hasselblad H5D-40 Medium Format Digital SLR Camera Shutter Count 1439 *EX+ in Box*
    Minolta RF Rokkor 250mm F/5.6 Reflex Mirror Lens *EX+*
    Leica M6 TTL Rangefinder Camera Silver 0.58 Viewfinder *EX+*
    Leica M6 Classic 0.72 Film Rangefinder Camera Silver
  • New Arrivals 15/01/2022

    Leica Summilux-M 24mm F/1.4 ASPH. Lens Black 11601 *EX+*
    Contax T3 P&S Film Camera w/Data Back Double Teeth Titanium Silver *EX+*
    Leica M6 Gold Sultan of Brunei Camera Kit with Summilux 50mm F/1.4 Lens *NEW*
    Leica E46 46mm UVa Filter Black 13004 *MINT-*
  • New Arrivals 20/12/2021

    Leica M Typ 240 Digital Rangefinder Camera Black 10770 *MINT- in Box*
    Pentax A* 645 600mm F/5.6 ED (IF) Lens *EX+*
    Contax Planar 135mm F/2 T* Lens AEG Germany
    Leica Summaron 35mm F/2.8 Lens Germany L39/LTM Screw Mount